Monday, March 13, 2017

My vice no more?

   Let's face it, we all have something we don't want to give up. Me, well there are some, but nothing that one would consider unusual or dangerous. Well, as it turns out, maybe Yes, I am now told that coffee is causing me problems. Coffee, my reason for rising with the sun and not floundering between the sheets and covering my head with a pillow to avoid the morning rays!
   Me, the guy who takes care of himself, the guy who is always concerned about health issues. I am a light drinker, moderate on occasion, but not even that by most standards. I eat healthy foods, avoid too much red meat and sweets. I get my cardio, I monitor my blood pressure... I am careful about what goes into my body!
   I would have expected the Doctor to say "Randy, it's time to give up Softball" or Randy, this rock climbing is becoming too dangerous", maybe even "Randy, you work too hard, take some time off" I never expected that he would take away the one vice that I truly love and have been "addicted" to since I was 10 years old! Yes 10! I was drinking 4 cups a day at 12 years old, and leveled off there for...oh, say 40 years! I am a coffee drinker, a coffee junky maybe, but a coffee lover for sure.
   So, of all things, this Doctor wants me to "cutback or cut out" coffee. How? I won't want to do anything! I will become one of those "couch potatoes". I just don't see this as an option.. not me, no way. I find coffee to be so much a part of my daily life, my routine, that I can't IMAGINE the cup going dry! Can't! I could maybe cut back a bit, down to 2 cups? Maybe for a year and then, maybe one and a half cups? I think that may be a possibility. But not waking up to my morning brew? Are you serious?
   Now I understand the Dr. is looking out for me, and that he has no dog in the fight, But he sure seemed to enjoy telling me this news. He all but giggled!  Sometimes he does that, and most often when he is making me adjust to the aging process (I still think I'm 20), or explains why I need a test or exam. And yes, I do value his opinion, and his knowledge...his delivery could use some work. Imagine a straight face...with a crooked half smile, and you will get it. He is so smug, as he changes my mornings forever...
    I will keep you posted, and let you know how it goes. My going to stay with me, through these dark times, and this awful withdrawal from my addiction. Caffeine, my good friend...whatever happens...I blame you!

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